Earthquake Awareness Simulator


Developing game features with Unity3D and C#.

Project Description

Earthquake simulation in cave automatic virtual environment (CAVE) with DBox-like seats on a motion platform. An earthquake can be simulated in several rooms with lots of destructible and indestructible heavy objects.

The project consists of three parts: simulation, motion platform and the communication application between the simulation and motion platform. Simulation is developed in Unity3D, and the communication application is developed in C# .NET 3.5.

The simulation consists of two parts: the instructor and the actual simulation application. Instructor application is used by children to learn how safe room placements can be done. They can also place the objects in the room to take safety precautions against an earthquake. In the simulation, actual earthquake data is used to increase the reality. Sound is also procedurally generated during the earthquake according to the given earthquake acceleration data.

Communication between simulation and motion platform is developed using C# .NET 3.5. To communicate with the simulation app, NetMQ and Protobuf is used.